Masterbuilt 40" 20072612 BARGAIN GEN2

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by sloat, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. If anyone is looking at getting a masterbuilt 40, check on today 6/22/14. They've got the stainless model with glass door (gen2) for $139.99 & $5 flat rate shipping. Today use the discount code listed (think it's "thanksalotdad") and get 10% off the $139.99 (in other words, $14 off) & still get $5 flat rate shipping. I know the gen 2 has some short comings by some reviews, but I'm returning the one I just bought at Lowe's for $279.99 that doesn't have remote control or the glass/stainless door. I've used gen 1 and 2, the gen 2 has better grip tray and water container as well as cleaner top and I like the side vent (all are my personal opinion). Anxious for it to arrive. Is the model that Sam's sells for $299(I think). :sausage:
  2. I also bought one for 130.49 I hope it works good almost sounds to good to be true
  3. Definitely sounds too good to be true, but couldn't pass it up. The model number listed on the receipt I printed off says 20072612R. With all the apparent issues with the gen 2 these may be refurbished models. I expect that that's what it is any why the extra cheap price. If this is the case, I HOPE they've corrected some of the temperature consistency problems (only complaint is had with the gen 2 models I've used). Don't see how it couldn't be worth what we've paid. Their customer service had always been helpful for me, I've has a gen 1 30 & 40 stainless with glass. Love them.
  4. Just talked to masterbuilt, it is a refurbished model. Their website didn't process credit card info correctly with the online purchase.
  5. Well, did you get your smoker yet?? Mine is here and it's PREFECT!! Temps are more accurate than the 2 I had bought from Lowe's and WAY LESS expensive + this 1 has the stainless and the window. I'm TICKLED BEYOND WORDS. Smoking some shrimp this evening. This is my replacement for my gen1 mes 40 inch that I thought had died (was only bad element). I loved it, but to it to my shop to cook for my employees one a week, now I've got the new jewel for the house. Only had to buy a new element for the old one, working GREAT now.

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