Masterbuilt 30" won't smoke

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by mfreel, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. mfreel

    mfreel Smoking Fanatic

    I have to set the digital thermostat to 250 before I can get some smoke using pellets.  Then I have to turn it down and it won't keep smoking.  Any ideas?
  2. The MES was designed to use wood chips. I have an MES 30 & got an AMNPS for it & couldn't be happier!   [​IMG]   The two are a great match & I don't smoke without it - I would highly recommend getting one  [​IMG]   Todd actually has a special for another 2 days giving 10% off & free shipping when you spend $49.98 or more  [​IMG]

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