Masterbuilt 30" single door propane mod

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by jonny smoker, May 27, 2013.

  1. Here's where I placed my AMNPS. Bent two 3/32" welding rods as shown (i'm a welder) I think a coat hanger would work as well. Just remove the wind deflector plate and insert the hangers into the screw holes. Easy to get the AMNPS in and out, plenty of air and smoke!

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    Check to see the smoke makes it through the smoker..... Sometimes, the flame will consume the smoke, like an afterburner...   Dave
  3. Hi Dave,I did read that but when I tried it for both 150 and 225 temps I got plenty of smoke, I can't tell any difference from when I placed the smoker inside. I'm thinking because of the open bottom there is plenty of O2 for both burner and smoker, plus I'm basically running the burner on low and controlling through the needle valve. They (MB) use the 15,400 BTU burners which is large for this unit. I had to run a very low flame to maintain the 150 for the salmon jerky I last did. Now I can see your point if I crank that burner up!!
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    Cool......  You have it handled and working.....         [​IMG]  ......
  5. Have you tried the burning cranked all the way up to see if the smoke would be consumed by the full-on burner? I want to do this mod myself as well but was wondering how it acts when that burner is full throttle.


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  6. I have only used it to 225 so far, not sure how it wil work for higher temp, easy to try.

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