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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by davidr101, Apr 21, 2015.

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    Hey guys my name is David. I am brand new to smoking meat, i recently bought a masterbuilt electric smoker and i look forward to learning how to properly smoke meat. In case you are looking to see what the masterbuilt 30 inch electric smoker looks like i have a video on youtube, i am going to start putting videos so i can see weather i am doing it right or wrong. any feedback will be great. thanks alot guys

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    Welcome to the world of smoking. Looks like you have an analog Masterbuilt unit. There are a lot of people on here that like to modify that unit for various reasons. Your best bet is to start with some simple items like pork butt or chicken thighs and get a feel for the unit. Also, you need a thermometer that can track the air temp as the factory one in the door (and the control dial) are probably not accurate. I use the Maverick 733 and love it.

    Good Luck.
  3. Welcome the addiction - good luck - I am new to this forum, not new to the addiction of the smoke - people here seem great, very helpful and lots of good info here, for both beginners and some of the more advanced.


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