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  1. Last night I ordered from Kmart a MES Cookmaster and have read online horror stories about folks having issues with the heating element going south and always at the wrong time.  It sounds like it's not a matter of when the element goes out, but when it goes.

    I haven't even gotten the smoker yet and wondering, when it does arrive, is there is any preventive measures, a new diy wiring mod, upgraded that I can do to the elements wiring to prevent, or at least prolong any issues. 

    Reading online it seems that most elements going out was due to connection and wiring problems which seemed to be an easy fix to get back up and smoking and in service.  But even at that, that really messes up a nice afternoon of smoking. 

    So, to do the proactive thing, is there any electronic type folks here that can recommend a clever way to beef up make the factory electronics stronger and more reliable and longer lasting?.

    The smoker also appears to have the KISS rheostat temp control with no digital to fail at a bad time.

    Thanks ahead

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    Jerry, morning...... usually the connections to the element are loose and cause a high amperage area, burning off the element connections.... cleaning and crimping should solve any future problems....  even soldering the connections will improve the dependability...  a few elements have been noted on here, to be bad....  very few....   when the connections have been taken care of, a wrap of fiberglass electrical tape is good insurance......

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  3. Thanks Dave,

    After researching and reading many reviews from a few heat outages for these electric MBs, and many compliments about dealing with the MB folks, on my tight retiree budget, and being handy with the diy stuff, I am thinking that MB has worked out the heat issues at the factory and if anything does go out, they'll stand behind it.

    Another observation when googling around is most folks said the element went out which wasn't really the case.  It seemed to be the connections and wiring, or some easy fix most any DIYer can figure out and fix fairly quick and cheap.  If the elements were actually burning in two, melting, I would have kept on shopping for another brand smoker.

    Anyway, I'm sure that my new toy will work fine out of the box, I'm just curious as to what I might do. a little extra to it, when assembling it and breaking it in.  Heavier gauge wire, or any gizmos that I can add to beef it up, bullet proof it.. 

    Some type of high heat insulation stuffed in the right places to keep heat down at sensitive places maybe

    .  I haven't even seen the smoker yet but just thinking ahead,, which is what brought me here.

    There might be something about it in the forums now but, if not, if enough ideas come up on diy things to do at the gitgo to the heating part, that, or any part, that might be good for others in the future too to solve their problem,, or better, to prevent an inevitable problem that being the heater going out.

    Thanks again
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