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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by d-train, Mar 26, 2014.

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    Good afternoon gents. I have the opportunity to purchase this masterbuilt electric smoker from a gal at work. She has had the unit for maybe a year or so, but NEVER ONCE cooked on it. I don't even see how that is possible, but whatever. Just curiosity alone would have had me firing this thing up. Anyways, she wants $100 for it, but i'm pretty sure i can get her down to maybe $70 or $80. I know nothing about electric smokers so i am looking for some opinions. I like the idea of having the option and freedom of an electric smoker, for when i want smoked meat but don't have the time to tend to my hasty bake. Should i pull the trigger or is this unit not worth it? Thanks for any feedback!
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    I have the Masterbuilt 30" with cold smoke attachment (Basspro). I love it. Perfect for the casual smoker (3-5 times a month). Electric is easy, if you know your temps and timing you cant go wrong with this unit.
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    I've heard that some of the less expensive electric smokers out there don't get very hot, like less than 200 degrees. Do you know if that is the case with this unit?
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    This is the analog unit , You can buy NIB for $139. I have used the digital unit and still do it will get to 265 -275 w/ no problems

     Google that model number and search for complaints or reviews.
  6. It is a MES, they can keep and maintain 275 degrees no problem.  I own a 30 incher, also a AMNPS and a Weber One touch Gold 22.5 incher, I love them both.  Get some Masterbuilt Rib Racks and you can have yourself a hoot at smoking.  Use this forum and whatever search engine for the internets you use and you in no time at all, you will be pleasing the neighbors with some delicious eats.  And trust, get the smoker fired up, they will come!

    And just a note, if you do not buy it, send me her phone number, I will[​IMG]
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    Anyone know the general dimensions of this unit? And total square inches of cooking space? Is this the same as the MES-30 that everyone references around here? Thanks!
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    If you can get her to $70 I would go for it. Then take the money saved and get an AMNPS.
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