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  1. My wifre purchased this smoker for me for Christmas and I've finally able to bring it to where I live.  I had my first smoke on Sunday.  I noticed that I could not control the temperature as it was running extremely high.  I had to open the doors several times and replace the wood chips every 30 minutes.  I just purchased the Maverick digital smoking thermometer after reading several reviews as well as a 8 inch cast iron skillet.  I am thinking about purchasing a new regular with a needle valve but I'm not 100% sure if i should.  I've seen a few reviews about this smoker running hot but not sure what to do.  The Maverick comes in today.  Any advice would be great.  I just joined this forum and I'm looking forward to smoking meats weekly.
  2. I have the same smoker, using it for the first time today and noticing it is running very hot. The kind folks at MasterBuilt are sending me a new regulator and hose saying it needs replaced (under warranty). I am not sure this is going to fix it but I will let you know for sure. Unfortunately the regulator and hose are not in stock so I need to call them back on July 13th.
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    Install a needle valve just before the inlet to the valve. Switch to using chunk wood instead of chips. Cast iron skillet is indeed the way to go. Now, until you get the parts you can start on high and then turn valve back towards off and do a decent flame control.

    Here is a link on the forum to my own way of modifying the smoker.

    Good luck, and any questions do not hesitate to ask. It is a good little smoker. And even though I have a much bigger one I still use the Masterbuilt for when the wife and I want to smoke some ribs etc. Very efficient on fuel. It is also my go-to for taking on the road.

  4. I might install a needle valve.  I smoked about 40 wings on the 4th and it was running around 375-415.  With the maverick i noticed my temp gage was about 80 degrees off.  

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    As mentioned, you can turn the valve between "hi" and "off" to adjust the flame some, but the needle valve mod works much better. Very easy to regulate temps. Highly recommended.
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    Good luck. My box stores did not have the parts :(
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    In a pinch while waiting for my needle valve to be delivered, I got a 1/4 turn gas shut off valve. Like the one behind a gas range. Works, but harder to fine tune the flame. Swapped it out when my needle valve came in.

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