Masterbuilt 2 door propane - Chip vs chunk

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by exc503, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. exc503

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    I just got a 2 door propane for my birthday, plan on using it first time this coming weekend, read a lot about temp issues and chip pan issues. Since the complaints seem to stem from not being able to drop the temperature down far enough, it doesn't look like the 250* ill be shooting for this weekend will be an issue, but plan to address the chip tray problem with the suggested Al foil "mod," since I will be starting this around 02:00 and do not want to be fire fighting at 03:00.

    Question is though, the instructions say to not use chunks only chips, I have not been able to find an explanation as to why not, I know some people have used chunks in there anyway, I am just curious as to the manufacturers reasoning behind explicitly stating not to in their instructions. It would seem that this would solve the issue 
  2. smokeymose

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    I have the same unit, exc, and I've used chunks in mine (in a cast iron pan). All I can think of is that if you put chunks in the factory "pan" you probably would have a fire!
    I'm trying a foil setup myself today I read about on another thead.

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