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  1. I got one for my Birthday  Best gift I ever bought. LOL

    Have some questions after reading many of the posts.

    Yup the glue with the door rope doesn't hold on.  I used Fireplace rope glue. (it hardens up and I had some of the rope fall off.

    I have been having problems with getting the heat up.

    I'm planning on cuting the water tray back like I saw.

    I also saw a guy on Utube who changed out the Propane valve?  for one from Mr. Heater with a larger orafice. Can that be done? Will it help get  the temp up? Good or bad idea?

    Exactly what is RTV?  I'm afraid they may have no idea what I'm asking for.

    Since I need to replace the rope. What size should I use? The door is super snug maybe too snug now It wasa a bitch to close today.

    So far, I did a Brisket Turned out SUPER!  Did a Pork Butt today. It looks good too. Need to pull it yet.

    Noticed the door and heat problems today thus the post. Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks to all.
  2. I have the master forge propane, I installed a 3/8" rope seal and used the glue that came with it (purchased at Lowes). At this point I can not tell you if the glue is going to hold, only used the smoker twice. Being new myself, thats about all the info I can give you.
  3. Thank You very much!!  I'll try that. I do appreciate the feedback. Fritzy
  4. I've had the rope style on my smoker for over a year now and it's kind of falling off in spots.  I am going to replace mine with a flat Nomex style gasket soon.
  5. Perma-tex Ultra Copper RTV will work great. You can get it at Walmart (in the adhesive/caulk section in the paint dept.) or any parts store. RTV is a silicone adhesive and gasket maker.
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