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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by kingfishcam, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. Well after spending the past few months using an electric smoker, I finally decided I needed to be portable, and significantly reduce my smoker size.

    Lots of reading on this site led me to the MF. I also read all threads I could find that cured the issues associated with chepo smokers.

    Here are the mods I made with pictures.
  2. First item was to seal the doors to keep the smoke and heat in the unit. I bought the door seal and glue kit at Lowes, and you will need two kits to complete both doors. I used alligator clips to keep the ends tight together.

  3. Next I drilled holes 3/4 inch higher for the chip tray. I will start at the original level, but new holes adds options.

  4. Sealing up the seams to keep the smoke running through the chimney sounded like a good idea. I used Rutland adhesive, good for 2000 degrees, and its black. This I bought at Tractor Supply. The only bad side is the difficulty in making a pretty seal. Have to spread with a rubber glove covered finger, at it dries very quick.

  5. Seems the decision was the water pan is too large. After seeing this for myself, it's hard to believe you could get good temp above this pan.

    I cut the back lip off completely, cut most of the front lip, and drilled several 1/2 holes along the sides. If I keep the pan toward the front, smoke and heat should have a better chance if being evenly distributed in the cook area.

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  6. I decided to leave the chepo door thermometer in for now, being it appears to have an adjustment screw. I did drill a hole so that both if my probes can read temp to my Maverick. I am liking the shelf.

  7. Being that I am a big fan of having options, I added a spot for a 12 in tube from A-Maze-N products. Just in case. :)

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  8. I will add the needle valve next week when I have chance to get the fittings. I will ad
    d pictures when I complete it.

    Another note, it seems MF answered to call and now provide a very nice cover for about $17.00. Fits great!
  9. davidhef88

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    Nice job on the mods!! You're gonna like that thing.
  10. Thanks David. Wish I had my fittings. Guess I will have to wait until next weekend for a trial run.
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  11. davidhef88

    davidhef88 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Give it a seasoning with the factory regulator. I wouldn't be able to let it sit. GET THAT THING SMOKIN!!!!
  12. Ya, maybe tomorrow. Got a pot roast dinner party today.

    Already placed a rib order from my Costco buddy for next Saturdays "fishing" meeting. :)
  13. Couldn't stand it any more... Decided to burn some propane to season and see if I could get some smoke rolling. It is a dry run, but so far looks good.

  14. zahlgren

    zahlgren Smoking Fanatic

    Looks good! Great job!
  15. davidhef88

    davidhef88 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I knew you wouldn't let it sit in the garage today. Lol. Nice looking smoke. How far off is your factory door therm??
  16. Well David, I was cleaning up the garage, so I was staring at it for about 2 hours. LOL

    Door was about 30 degrees off. Not sure the screw in the back is an adjustment either.

    I still need to figure out how to keep TBS rolling though. Seems the vents play a key roll in temp and TBS. I will test some more once I install the needle valve.
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  17. handymanstan

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    Nice job on the mods.  Its all most like cheating to know all the answers before you start.  So it looks like Ribs will break it in for you or are you going to smoke something else before the weekend?  A fattie for good luck.  I know you can't wait a week can you?

  18. Thanks Stan, and yes, the info here defiantly got me on the right path quick!
    I need to spend some time figuring out the chip tray location I think. Before the Saturday rib project. Seems the tray is too high when keeping 225.
    Should have my 12 inch tube smoker Monday or Tuesday to try also.
    Maybe a Friday night fatty?? Who knows. :)
  19. I don't know about you folks, but opening a package from A-maze-N feels like Christmas! Yes, ordered in Friday, arrived today. Looks like TJohnson threw in some new flavor pellets for me to try this weekend!
    Thank you Todd!!

  20. My goodness just look how nice a 12 inch tube fits in a MF vertical...
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