Master Forge, Vert, 2 Dr, LP, Smoker Results (1st post)

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  1. G'day All!

    Just wanted to try to post my first message and show off a few of my latest Smoker results from my spring time purchased Master Forge 2 Door Vertical Propane Smoker that I got from Lowes in Ottawa, Canada.  I added the gasket mods as many of you guys have suggested.  I also ditched the plastic wheels and put on better 6" from TSC.

    My first smoke was chicken and spuds.  There was a whole one cut up into parts (rub applied, no brine) and then some season chicken legs (thigh and drumstick) from the butcher that was on sale.  As it was my first kick at the cat (rookie) I don't have pictures.  Pressure was on for that smoke as the wife invited guests at the last minute and I was nervous about the outcome.  Luckily things turned out great and the guests clean up all the grub!  I got good ratings.  One of the guests had smoked foods before so he was super helpful and we compare techniques.  He gave me a thumbs up to continue. I used a mixture of apple wood chips and hickory chunks and the filled water tray).  250F for ~2.5 hours to internal temp of 160F

    Second smoke was turkey, sausages and spuds.  Wifey got some massive drummies, Mother-in-Law brought a small butterball, and I filled the smoker with spuds and honey garlic sausages from Costco,.  I cut the whole turkey again into pieces for fit.  Turkey pieces all got rubbed the night before and sat in the fridge over night.  Used hickory chunks and chips and filled the water tray.  Cooked everything again at 250F.  Used a thermo to ensure every piece was done at 160F.  Some trays took longer than others.


    Wife's hand, not mine...

    Results were mixed.  Everyone loved the sausages and the spuds.  Turkey results were OK to Great.  Probably depending on personal tastes and what part of turkey they got.  There was breast meat and drummies along with the wings.  I liked it and so did most but I preferred the results from the first chicken smoke.  Leftover turkey was yummy in the stir fry the following week.

    Third smoke was for a Pot Luck family Birthdays Party (4 family members all celebrating +25 guests).  Decided to have some samples of smoked chicken and sausage done the same way as my first smoke. Here are some pictures of before.  I don't have any of after.  The sausages were an assortment from Costco (Mex, Honey, Italian, Toulouse, Leek)

    All in all, the chicken was well liked.  Sausages too....  (At least the guests were polite enough to say so)  Thumbs up from all.

    Fourth smoke from this past weekend... Back Ribs!!  (old way (wife) versus smoked).  Rubbed my secret rub on the night prior and let them soak overnight in Ziplocs.  Used the 3 (smoked) -2 (foiled) -1 (caramelized) method at 200-230F.  Used hickory wood again.  Chunks and Chips.  I find the smoke lasts longer with a mixture.  Had company again and prayed for good results.  Here's some pix.

    Finished with another coating of some homemade BBQ sauce.

    They turned out great!  All the smoked ribs went and only the wife's were leftover.  Sorry Honey!!

    Let me know what you think or if you have any comments.

    I think I'm hooked.  I really want to try salmon next but need to do some homework.

    Keep Calm and Smoke on Amigos!


    I hope I did this post alright!!!  Fingers licked and crossed

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