Master Forge Smoker temp not high enough

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    I used this smoker 5 times and finally figured out why the temperture is not hot enough.

    THE WATER PAN IS TOO BIG.  After trying everything under the sun, I open the bottom door and pulled the water pan out a couple inches.  Quickly the temp shot up !..  The water pan is blocking the heat.  Yesterday I was finally able to smoke at 250F and the propane wasnt up all the way, by keeping the bottom door open and the water pan pulled out about 1/2".  Going to call the manufacture today and see what they say.  Worst comes to worst, I'll cut some of the flange off to allow the heat to pass by with the door closed.
  2. bobafooco

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    Had the same problem and realized the water pan was too big and was blocking the heat.
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    This morning I added this to my unit.  I noticed that the glue dried fairly quickly, maybe due to the wind outside, so I added a little more and then just stuck the gasket material on it right away.  Seemed pretty darn stuck to the door.  I went ahead and closed the doors as well so to hold it in place.  Not sure why you need to wait to close the door.  It's a very tight fit for sure when you close the doors.  Seems like it will one heck of a job sealing off the doors.
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    Here are the pics of it installed.

    [​IMG]    [​IMG]
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  5. Be careful not to put on too much adhesive.   A 1/4" bead around the flange should be enough.  One bottle of adhesive should be enough for both doors.  I put way too much the first time...what a mess!  The gasket works great.
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    Maybe your MF is newer then mine. I don't have that problem.  I would be interested in the measurements of your water pan.
  7. Hi Everyone, im new here and reg, to post this for you guys.

    I have a Master forge smoker as well, and I have noticed that after i load mine up with food i cant get it past 180 deg. I had 5 lb boston butt, 6 chicken breasts, and 6 corn on the cobs, and it just wouldnt heat up past 185 deg. the water would not even boil.

    So i seen this thead and checked my water pan and it was totally blocking the back of my smoker, infact all the heat was going to the sides of my smoker, to the point it had already burned the paint off the sides of it, where the vents are. So i cut 1/2 off the back of it and half off the front as well, i left the back edges full lengh and cut the rest out, this way i can still slide it all the way back and it will hit the back of the smoker, but had a gap as well.

    Im currently just smoking it to see how it does, but i can tell you this, first it heats up a bit slower, but i have notice that the wood in the wood box lastes longer, i had a small handful left and put it in there, and it lasted maybe 30 mins. and the biggy is that my thermo is almost correct with my digital thermo.  it was almost 30 deg off before, now its within 3 or 4 deg,

    Im running it at a bit above halfway on the gas, so ill let you guys now there it tops out. empty at this setting.

    just wanted to let you guys know and say thanks for all the info on this smoker,

    happy smoking


    Update, looks like it topped out at 270 and my door thermo was showing 264 so its really close,

    but the watter was not boiling, it had small little bubbles around the edges and it was steaming, so not sure


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  8. SPRKY...That was a GREAT list of solutions......printed and saved!!!

    Thanks, Tim
  9. SPRKY...That was a GREAT list of solutions......printed and saved!!!

    Thanks, Tim

    SORRYY>>>double post.
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    Great thread and thank you for posting that list of solutions SPRKY.

    I too have been kicking around buying a gasser. I'm pretty much sold on getting the MF that they have at Lowe's.
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    I just bought a new Master Forge and have had the same problem.  The posts on this thread have been the best answers to fixing the problem.  I Immediately realized the water pan was too large and wasn't allowing enough heat to pass by it.  To fix this I stole the round water pan from my old Brinkman kettle smoker.  With it being round it allows heat to pass by on all four corners.  The con to this is that it is deeper than the square MF pan so the lid on the wood box doesn't fit.  This should be easily fixed by drilling a few new holes to raise the rails for it up a bit.  For the thermometer issue I went to WalMart and bought a $15 wireless meat thermometer.  Place the probe inside and you can check the temp without having to even walk outside
  12. I just picked up a new one from Lowes and I am having problems. The water pan is so big it doesn't leave much room for the heat to go up.
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    This worked for me!

    I had no idea about the regulator.  When I lit the smoker on low, it worked great!

    Thank you!
  14. This will be printed and utilized. Thanks for the great tips.
  15. Have you noticed an improvement in being able to regulate your heat better as well as reduce the amount of smoke loss? Great pic. Ordering mine today.

  16. Daryl,

    I would be interested is seeing a pic of your modified water pan if it's not to much trouble.


  17. I have owned an electric smoker since 1999 and have used it for brisket, boston butt, spare ribs, st louis ribs abd baby back.and have never used a temperature above 225 and most of the time use 200 for 10 - 12 hours for brisket and boston butt and 185 for ribs; 4 hours for spareribs, 3 for st louis and 1.5  for baby back.  my favorite is st louis.  I had a BBQ Shack where I  was open on weekends and sold about 200 pounds per day with no problems.  I have cooked on 30 degree days with only about a 20% increase in time. My smoker is very well insulated. I am considering adding a Master Forge next year and will continue with low and slow cooking.
  18. My MF vertical gas smoker wasn't getting hotter than 230 degrees after my pork butt had been in for almost 6 hours.  I had taken my butt out, wrapped it in foil, and was ready to crank it up to 295 to finish it off a bit faster, but the temp wouldn't budge.  I had already installed the gasket around the door - worked great for keeping in the smoke - and am using a Maverick dual probe smoker thermometer that gives me an accurate read on both the smoker temp and the meat temp.  I read sprky's post (and printed it for future reference because it was very informative) and checked each of these points to make sure I wasn't missing something obvious.  I thought it might be the regulator, but that wasn't the issue.  So, I read about another issue that a few people had posted concerning the water bowl blocking the heat.  As soon as I removed it, the temp shot up about 10 degrees.  After closing the door, the temp stabilized where I wanted it, and we had no more problems after that.  Any thoughts/mods for the water bowl that would work to keep it from blocking the heat?  I'm thinking of using one of the cooking grates in it's place and using a smaller aluminum foil pan for the water bowl instead.  
  19. Good morning chuck. I had the same issue with the MF propane smoker. I now regularly use an aluminum pan on a cooking rack instead of the water pan. It is way easier to reach 225 or any higher temps that you might want for chicken. It also makes cleanup a bit easier.
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