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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by lutznutz, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. lutznutz

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    I saw the Master Forge smoker model DGY784CP at Lowes for $149. It's not on the website. The doors on the floor model didn't seem like the close well, and the walls seemed a little thin.

    Does anyone have any experience with it? Thinking seriously about moving to propane from electric...

    EDIT: It's on the website now:
  2. mgnorcal

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    Saw one in Lowe's and it is a 2-door version of their previous Perfect Flame gas smoker.
    For the price it is a good smoker, but it cooks a little different than electric.
    Main difference is you'll be able to cook at higher temps for roasts and such and have much faster recovery time, but it can take some fiddling around to get a real strong smoke flavor on your food.
    The doors and walls are fine, you can always put some high-temp silicone around the door if you feel you want a better seal.
  3. pineywoods

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  4. mballi3011

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    Yea I'm with Jerry on this one to I would put alittle more money withit and go get the GOSM big bock or even a 100 bucks and get the smoke vault 24"
  5. slim

    slim Meat Mopper

    my friend just got that same one and he really likes it....its only seen 2 smokes so we will see in a few months if he still likes it
  6. ryanje

    ryanje Fire Starter

    Just got one of these Master Forge units for 89 at lowes. My first smoker!
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  7. slim

    slim Meat Mopper

    89 thats a steal....did they have it on clearance?
  8. ryanje

    ryanje Fire Starter

    They sold me a back ordered Perfect Flame 36" for that was on sale for $89 (i think it was only 89 because it was a floor model or clearance). They replaced the Perfect Flame model with the Master Forge so they gave me that instead.
  9. slim

    slim Meat Mopper

    heck ya...
  10. ryanje

    ryanje Fire Starter

    Either way I was a happy customer. I am excited to make some BBQ!
  11. ryanje

    ryanje Fire Starter

    One thing to note. I am having trouble keeping it at 225. Its about 15-20 degrees where I live and I have to have it almost all the way down to stay around 225. Then the burner seems to have a mind of its own that low.
  12. tank

    tank Smoke Blower

    Yeah I got the perfect flame for 89 and haven't looked back yet. I have only had it for a couple of months but it has made some good butts and ribs so far. With that low of a price I was able to get an extra propane tank, another rack, and other great supplies. So far I am happy with it.
  13. jaxgatorz

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    Just a reminder ( as i too own 1 of these).. Do NOT trust the thermometer in those smokers.. Mine is 50-75 degrees off.. Happy smokes .[​IMG]
  14. I may have the only Perfect Flame that has an accurate thermometer. It is slow to react, and I don't really trust it, but if the door has been shut for 15-20 minutes, it reads about the same as my digital. Right now I have some deer jerky going, digital says 137, door says 140. I have had mine about a year, and made a lot of good food with it.
  15. Got one at Lowes last week. Had bought an Old Smokey electric a couple of years ago, never could get good results from it. Cooked very fast (which isn't the point, is it?), did nice juicy pork shoulders, but if I kept the temp down near 225, the chips would never ignite. If I got it hot enough to get the chips smoking, it would have everything cooked in an hour or less; it would be juicy, but not particularly tender.

    So I got the Lowes gas smoker, and did a brisket the other day, made a lot of mistakes. Still edible (made for a decent sandwich at lunch today), but not the real deal.

    Bought some spareribs yesterday, marinated them overnight, rubbed them this am, put them in the smoker around noon. Kept an eye on the thermometer, but also stuck an oven thermometer inside so I could check from time to time. The oven thermometer consistently read about 20 degrees cooler than the smoker's. Made sure to replenish the hickory chips regularly - I'd been under the impression you only needed to load them up once and that would be it, which was what led to the brisket failure. Did a 3-2-1, and it's out of the smoker now, keeping warm in the oven waiting for Mrs. BPSCG to get home.

    Looks tasty. Took a couple of pictures, but the upload attachment widget won't let me upload a jpg over 90-some kb. Gotta figure out the qview thing, I guess.
  16. ryanje

    ryanje Fire Starter

    Cool! how are the results? I have this smoker and am still figuring this whole thing out!
  17. Summary:
    1. Ribs looked great, but weren't as good as I had hoped. I'm convinced this is strictly because I'm still getting accustomed to it. I'd allowed the inside temp to drop to about 200 for about a half hour during the 3-hour session, so I made up for it by allowing it to go for an extra 45 minutes before moving on to the 2-hour session. So my 3-2-1 amounted to almost 7 hours. As a result, the pointy end of the rack was kinda leathery, and the rest, while tender and falling off the bone, was a little dry and tasted a little overcooked. Lesson: Don't worry if the temp drops 25 degrees for an hour.
    2. Went through a lot of hickory chips. Soak them next time.
    3. I filled the water just once, and there was still some water left in it when I was done - didn't have to refill. Wondering if somehow that had something to do with the dryness noted in 1) above. Should I pop the temp up some?
    4. As noted earlier, the supplied thermometer consistently read 20-30 degrees hotter than the oven thermometer I'd put inside at about the same level, but closer to the side. Could just be natural variance in temps around the inside of the box.
    Mrs. BPSCG thought they were great. And she grew up on barbecue in Texas, so I consider that a good endorsement.

    Okay, finally figured out how to upload pictures:

  18. olecrosseyes

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    BPS stores have a few of the GOSM bigblocks but only at a few stores. Landmann seems to be not making and of the big blocks now for some reason. Smaller ones are available though. I'm waiting for the BB or will spring for something simular in size. I'm tired of cutting ribs and briskies in half! Also want a 4th rack.
  19. ryanje

    ryanje Fire Starter

    I have this same smoker. Try out Hickory CHUNKS. Just a few medium sized chunks will smoke for a few hours at a low temp.
  20. Did a couple more racks today (working from home rocks), with soaked chips - have a big bag to go through before I go to chunks - and used a lot less.

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