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    I have a Master Forge 0332?? The element burned up. Is there a source for the part.?
  2. Hey Fred,

        I have seen the Master forge electric smoker at my local Loews and it looked like a knock off of the Master Built Electric unit.

        I own a MasterBuilt 30" Electric, Model # 20070411, and have been able to get replacement parts from these guys,

    My unit has an 850watt element that I have replaced, I got the element from Masterbuilt originally.

       I would recommend taking the old element out of the unit to see if it has the wattage on the back.

    The Appliance Factory website allows you to put in a Make and Model #, then they show you the parts lists available for the unit.

    Hope this helps!

    P.S.     Currently smoking a small brisket on my unit, what a way to spend a Sunday!

    Good Luck to you!

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