Master Forge Dual Fuel Vertical Smoker Temperature Gauge inaccurate

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by louzap, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. louzap

    louzap Newbie

    Just assemble the Smoker and have completed the Seasoning exercsie.

    The Temperature Gauge was off by 80 to 100 degrees.  I noticed the screw (slotted) on the probe (dead center) of the gauge  and was able to adjust to exactly match to an kitchen oven rack temperature guage. It took a few tries but it was during the seasoning phase and no harm to any valuable meat.  Once adjusted at 250 degrees I verified the accuracy on the

    lowest temperature as well as the highest I was able th achieve and I was spot on.  If you have the same slotted head on the probe part of the guage save your money for some nice accessary for your smoker and take a screw driver in hand and tweak away.  Seems to work fine now.
  2. I am gonna try that. Are you having problems reaching 300 + with it ?

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  3. soxeboy

    soxeboy Fire Starter

    mine has slot in it but can't seem to turn it - clockwise or counterclockwise? thanks
  4. soxeboy

    soxeboy Fire Starter

    called master forge tech line and they say you can't calibrate or adjust them
  5. louzap

    louzap Newbie

    Have trouble getting past 270.  Outside temperature has been in the 40s when I did my seasoning.  Due to my schedule I won't be able to test further until after this weekend.
  6. louzap

    louzap Newbie

    It worked for me. It was a bit stiff but it worked.

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