Master Forge dual door smoker maintain 180F for fish??

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by korny249, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. korny249

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    Hi guys Im considering that unit especially for fish, and I want a "simple ability" to maintain

    170-180-190 continuously. Ie I wish to *not* go above 200F for smoking fish. Will this unit do it?

    ..or does it also suffer from propane flameouts, that seem so common?  No stress in keeping it stable at 200F max, or slightly less temp even?

    Background: I had gotten another propane smoker very recently that is in my humble opinion flawed from the factory and killed hours of my time trying to make it work as above. I refuse to deal with it anymore. Its very unreliable at that low temp.  It simply will not run that low, lowest is approx "barely": 275F and I'm forced to babysit - because of repeated flame-outs from even the tiniest minuscule wind. Yes, I played have a wind=-breaker but it only mitigates the problem. It not fit for the purpose, period. (=the junk item is Masterbuilt 7-in-1 smoker)  I'm a bit upset that this "garbage can" made me waste so much time...

    Im new in the forum, and new to smoking too, my new hobby  :)
  2. korny249

    korny249 Newbie

    Just me bumping / repeating my question:

    Can this unit maintain a low 180-200F without too much trouble?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback, guys

    (I just sold my old Propane smoker that definitely could not..)
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