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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by bajaxj, Jul 22, 2011.

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    Ive got a Master Forge double door smoker and Im having trouble getting it to be a good temperature. Inorder for it to actually smoke its 275-300 at the meat racks. Ive got the stack fully opened, lower vents fully open, even went as far as leaving the "firebox" door open to let some of the heat out and still cant get it low enough temp and still produce any smoke. Whats something I could do to take care of this issue?
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    Ive got it a little better, I left the firebox door open and cut a piece of sheet metal and riveted that covers the firebox leaving only the the propane burner open now to release the heat off the flame needed to produce the smoke. Also took a kevlar blanket and folded and put around the meat rack access door. I put a deep fryer thermometer in it and found out the thermometer on the smoker itself is off. When it reads 265 its actually 220. Once getting the heat worked out I noticed the door leaked alot of smoke out so I put the kevlar blanket over the gap to seal it off and its working decently well now. Putting my first meat on in about an hour or 2
  3. Kind of a late reply here, but my problem (if it's the same smoker) is getting it up to good temps.  225 is lucky for me on a good day.  My issue is, I notice if it goes too far past 235, I start seeing dark smoke and I'm getting a wif of possibly the finish burning.  It's been seasoned well, smoked in it for about a year.  I don't dare let it get past 235 though or I'm concerned for toxic smoke getting into the meat.  

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