Master Forge Dome Smoker Mod

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  1. Ok so after some searching I was having a tough time finding chip tray mods for my electric master forge dome. So today I did my own, took 15 mins,
    Items needed
    1-1/4 stainless bolts, accompanying washers and nuts
    2-13.5" weber grill grate
    2-12" pizza pans(dollar store brand)

    So I looked at the heating element and saw a nice ledge for my grate to set on so I measured down and drilled 3 holes at that height and installed the bolts to hold the grate about an inch above the element. Placed pan on grate for ash collection. Second on the bottom rungs on the smoker I installed the other grate and pan as a grease collector. Water pan, if used can be placed here.

    Fired it up and had smoke in minutes.

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  2. dutch

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    Sounds like a decent mod.  Would have been nice to see some thin blue smoke coming off of that tray.
  3. I had turned it off by the time that pic was taken it was producing a thin blue smoke at the time it was on.

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