Master Forge 36" Vertical Smoker from Lowes

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  1. WTB a Master Forge 36 inch vertical smoker from Lowes. Link to exact model I'm looking for listed below. Seems Lowes around my area doesn't carry this model anymore and might be discontinued. If anyone can find a new one or slightly used one without any mods I would be willing to pay a little more then current selling price of $59.00. Check your local Lowes and contact me if you find anything.


    I know about the smaller model and I am not interested.|1


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  2. SmokinJJ Ask lows if you can order it and have it shipped to the store. If not try ebay or Amazon

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    In stock Vero  Bch, Fl
  4. Yeah checked with Lowes seems they have discounted this smoker. [​IMG]

    Thanks for the replies.


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