Master built sportsman elite single door propane mods

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by smokingdope, Feb 27, 2016.

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    So guys I have a master built sportsman elite 30" single door. It's my first smoker and I have enjoyed smoking a few things now since my last post. But I have had quiet a few issues that were both annoying and unmanageable.

    First was my door just didn't have a good seal at all.

    I had used hight temp gasket maker and applyEd it to the door on the outside edges made sure the gasket wasn't exposed inside the cooker.

    The second issue was the burner. It was not really controlled by the dial, at low with my tank only 1/8 the way turned it couldn't hold anything under 250 for anytime long. The temp fluctuated a lot.

    I've been reading a lot of forums about mods and came across the needle valve, so simple great idea.

    Guess what went to 10 plumbing shops and 2 propane shops in my area and no one had them. Really sucked. Then I found a store that had a regulator and a control valve attched. The control valve is a needle valve lol so I grabbed that along with 5/16x1/4hose barb and a clamp I was good to go.

    Now Im getting real low right now I'm holding between 75 and 80 for my salmon. Working out pretty good, tomorrow when this is done I'm gonna throw on a chicken and test out this barbecue sauce recipe I been makeing.

    I still have a concern about the thermometer I'm waiting for mine to come in from amazon. Will up date with that.
    Would definite love any input on what I've done even if it's negative I'm only a rookie so any info is good.

    Smoking Dope
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    Yeah so day two I realize that the chunk and chips barely burn I get smoke but not a lot. Need to adjust, and like I taught the stock thermometer is trash. Fish came out good tho. There's always an upside.

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