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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by ryan76, Nov 19, 2016.

  1. ryan76

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    I am pre-seasoning this smoker as I type. I have the temperature set at 275, however, I just checked the temp on the control panel, it states that it's 286. Is this common? If so, how can I manage the temperature? Thanks!
  2. bearcarver

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    When that happens, look if the little light is on, where it says "Heating".

    If it goes past your setting, normally that is just the over-run from all the hot stuff in the smoker (Walls ceiling, racks, element). It should coast a little, then hit a peak & start coming back down.

    However if it goes past your setting, and the Heating Element is still on, then you have a problem.

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    I haven't posted in here in along time. Also,I haven't used my smoker in a couple of years. Today, I'm giving it a test run, along with my ET-733 thermometer. The oven of the grill is running 30* hotter than the display. My thermometer is 100% accurate. So, all i did was adjust the temperate in the panel until the oven was truly 235*. But, I've had this smoker since 2013 and the template has always been off.
  4. bearcarver

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    Hi Stranger!
    Perfect !!

    That's the good kind of smoker to have---It can be adjusted to where you want it.

    Some guys have them the other way around---The Actual heat is 30° lower than the MES Digital readout. That means setting theirs at 275° only gets them to a real 245°. Those are the ones I'd complain to Masterbuilt about.

  5. Thanks Bear,
    That is what I'm dealing with.

    I did contact Masterbuilt and they sent me a new control. I will be testing it this week. I did the boiling water test on my new Maverick 733 and was 212 on one probe and 211 on the other. At my altitude it's right on.
  6. Being a new guy, could that have anything to do with my mailbox mod?


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