Massale' Chicken Sausage

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  1. 10 lbs chicken thighs or breasts
    2lbs Pork fat

    Massale' 5 tablespoons (RECIPE BELOW)
    Tumeric 1Tablespoon
    Kosher salt NOT table salt
    start with 4 to 6 teaspoons
    you can adjust later. I personally don't like a lot of salt but that's just me
    Dried Pommegranet seeds 1/2 cup
    Debone the thighs or breasts leave the skin and fat on the chicken.
    cube all the meat mix in the spices and let sit overnight in the fridge to meld the flavours.
    Grind using you favouite plate size and case in Lamb or pork casings.
    the lamb casings will produce a smaller breakfast size sausage.
    Recipe to make:

    2Tbsp coriander seeds
    2tsp cumin seeds
    2 tsp black peppercorns
    1 tsp cardamom pods
    1tsp whole cloves
    1 small piece of a cinnamon stick ( 1 or 2 inches)
    1tsp ground hot chili
    1 tsp grated nutmeg

    dry roast all the dry spices until lightly coloured ( don't let em burn)
    then add the nutmeg and the chili.
    you can make this Massale' and store in an airtight container for three months
    this recipe for Massale can be adjusted to favour a flavour you may like.
    Alittle less of this a little more of that.....change it up a little
    You may want to double or triple this and store what's left.

    alternately you can probably use 7 lbs lamb and 3lbs pork and adjust fat content by 30 pecent

    The flavour in this sausage is intense and aromatic'
    The Tumeric gives it that earthy punch and the yellow kinda colour so it will be easy to know what sausage you have in the freezer bag and the pommagranet gives it a little burst of tangy sour
    The Massale recipe is froma book called
    Blending Herbs and Spices
    the cooks reference
    by Jill Norman
    A really handy book to have by the way
    Any questions feel free to ask.
  2. Don't forget to take a small amount and cook it to taste before you case it.
  3. dutch

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    Do you grind the ingredients of the Massale'?
  4. Hi Earl
    Yes I use a coffee grinder that I use strictly for spice,
    just remember not to dry roast the nutmeg because it will melt and that is a bad thing.

    If you can't find the Pomagranet seeds try a lebanese, Iranian or far eastern type store.
    Up here it's sold by the pound.
    Failing that you might try to find a bottle of pomagranet juice from concentrate in your local grocery store. amount will of course vary as to quantity of meats.
  5. dutch

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    Chris, I don't have a coffee grinder, but I can weld a mean pestle in my mortar!! :p
  6. Earl
    I kinda figured "You" would know how to bump and grind hahahaaa
  7. monty

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    Chris that recipe you put forth speaks in volumes of flavor! Thank you! I, too, have a mortar and pestle as well as an electric coffee grinder. I use the coffee grinder when I wish to do up a quantity of an herb and the mortar and pestle for a single recipe of a combination of herbs and spices. Both are must haves!
    Towards fall I will have an overabundance of fresh chicken. Seems like that will be a great time to experiment with your recipe! I will keep you posted!
  8. Great I look forward to the feed back.
    I had a nice mortor and pestle but I dropped it and well.....poor old humpty couldn't be fixed. now I have to get another.
    Thanks srmonty.
    By the way I was wondering about the SR .
    Did you get to kneel before the Queen and get the kiss of the sword LOL
  9. monty

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    Hey, Chris!
    Here goes on the SR....My first name and middle initial. Stephen Ross. THe Monty is for Montgomery. A fine name I am proud of and for many centuries a strong clan of Scotland!
    Now, when dealing with the likes of our smoking family and in the true spirit of camaraderie it was either Brother Earl D, AKA Dutch, or Florida Jeff, AKA SoFlaQer who corrupted my screen name of srmonty into Sir Monty. I couldn't fight it and I sorta came to like it. SO. that's how the Sir Monty came about.
    Now about the kneeling part... I kneel before no one and I stand proudly before all! I've earned that right!
    All that aside you have the green light to call me Monty, Sir Monty, srmonty, Steve, or whatever! Hope this removes the mystery that my brothers seem to have created around my name! And to be truthful...I've had some real chuckles over it! God Bless you all!
  10. dutch

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    HEY!!I resemble that remark!! :p
  11. monty

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    Well, Dutch, I could not remember for sure who brought about the Sir Monty. You just cemented it! Caught in your own downdraft! Hee Hee!

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