Massachusetts intro with a stumble. Question in side.

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  1. Relatively new to the forum. I could have sworn I mad an account a while ago and lurked, but never made a post but, apparently I was wrong. I've had my Mes30 for a couple years now and found this site not to long after. I'm 25 years old and from Massachusetts. I don't smoke as often as I would like, but its mostly butts and ribs. I have recently got an amnps and was using it for the first time today.

    For memorial day I am at my brothers place and I put in a ~10# butt last night. Waited about 4 hours to probe it and it was reading about 135. At around 330am my bro went to bed and I decided to take a nap because I was happy with how the amnps was going. Turns out when my brother went to bed he hit a switch that killed power to my Mes. My maverick alarm didn't go off for low smoker temp. I woke up to a butt at 153 degrees internal temp and a smoker at about 130. It hasn't had proper heat for a bout two hours. Have people coming over in about 8 hours. Should pulled pork be taken off the menu for safety or was the butt high enough to just keep trucking now that it has proper heat again? 
  2. First off welcome to the site...
    This a tough question to answer and time is running out for you.  My feeling is that while the 130* number is a concern, the 153* IT, means the smoker wasn't at 130* for long.  That said when it comes to feeding people you care about means playing it safe, and you may not want to take chances.  My hope here is that someone else will chime in with a better informed point of view.
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    I think it's fine, the IT was 153 & then you continued to cook it, right?

    You were thru the danger zone, no problem.

  4. Yeah IT got up to at least 153 I'm thinking even higher before I lost power to it and then it fell down. I didn't notice right away.

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