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    Okay so the other day I went out albacore tuna fishing. We ended up with 31 tuna between 4 of us! Thats alot of tuna (avg 25-30lbs) so I canned the majority but saved the top loins for bbqing and trying a round of smoked tuna. We decided to smoke a prime rib and bbq some tuna for opening week of Seahawks football so I got my marinade ready to go. In this particular instance, i had to go buy most of the ingredients for the marinade so after dinner was over, i decided to save the it to make some tuna snacks in the smoker. Here are a couple pics of the tuna sliced for bbqing (about 1 inch thick)
    So I may have your curiosity spiked now? The tuna is spectacular but i wanted to try to make some sort of smoked snacks so I sliced up another 2 loins into 1/4" strips and put them into the marinade overnight. I smoked it at around 120-130°F for 3-4 hours until is was somewhat "glazed" looking. Here is what I ended up with and let me tell ya, its mighty tasty?
    Also, here is the recipe my old man and his buddies came up with. Its great on tge bbq but the smoke gives it a little extra something special. Happy smoking!
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    Nice. I will be trying this.

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