Maple Smoked Turkey

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by oconeeal, Nov 22, 2014.

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    If you have not signed up for the Smoking Meat Newsletter you have missed one of the best Turkey Recipe ever.  I got the email on Nov 13 and knew I had to do this one.  We had planed to do a early Thanksgiving this year due to one family member having to have surgery next Wed.  I went step by step and put the Turkey on my Rec Tec Grill at 9 am.  We were planning on watching the Georgia Football game and eating around 4.  Everything went great.  Pull the Turkey off at 3:30 let rest and ate at 4.  One of our family member had been real sick over the past few week and did not know if they would make it or not.  It was so good to this person make it but to see them eat and eat and eat some more.  I was told by several people this was the best Turkey they had every had.  I have been asked may time how I come up with so good recipe.  I am so glad I sign up these emails   

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    Oconeal, hello nice looking Turkey there, you have a good start...

    Please go to our "Roll Call" and get a rousing Howdy from everyone.

    Glad you liked Jeff's recipe. Keep doing what you are and experiment with some ideas of your own too.

    Have fun and ...
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    Great looking bird!

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