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  1. I have a 5 lb boneless pork loin which I am curing with Hi Mountain Bacon cure.  This is the fifth time I made bacon with this cure and it always came out great(soaking for 2 hours prior to smoking). The family just asked me if I can get a little more maple flavor in the bacon. After 9 more days of curing then rinsing can I add more maple flavor prior to smoking(will it take ?), if so in what form  would be best.

    Thanks                 Joe
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    Hi Joe!!

    I never had much luck using real Maple Syrup added to my Dry curing bags----Maybe Maple sugar would help there.

    As for after curing, It might help there, but I never tried it, because I didn't want it all sticky, and I didn't think it would do much.

    Also: The only time I ever had to soak Bacon to get rid of too much salt flavor was when I tried Hi Mountain Cure & Seasoning. Sounds like you had the same result.

  3. Thanks Bear, I told the family I wouuld make them pan cakes and bacon and they could add all the maple syrup they wanted. There are more ways to solve a problem. Joe
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    There ya go!!![​IMG]

    Works for me!!

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    I've had more success adding maple extract to my curing brine (Pop's Lo Salt Brine) for added maple flavoring.  
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    There ya go!!

    That sounds like the ticket!!

    I got tired of wasting real Maple syrup with little or no results. Gotta look for the extract !!

    Thanks Pops,

  7. Thanks guys, I think I am going to have some fun with this smoke. I am going to get some maple extract and apple juice, after the 10 day cure I will inject  this mixture and smoke.

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    A very knowledgeable man gave you a secret. 

    Food is about three senses, sight, taste, and smell. Your nose will tell your mouth stuff it believes is true. And if its attractive presentation people more readily assume its an excellent meal.
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