Maple Flavor Breakfast Sausage

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by sgriff49, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. 1st attempt at sausage already like the taste of this batch
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    Looks good!

    Breakfast sausage is so good, we always have some on hand in the freezer.

    It's great for fatties too.

  3. Would you share your reciepe? And anything you would change about it. Just starting to make some sausage myself and am all ears. We like mild sausages
  4. Shawn I bought a flavor pack from AC Legg I do believe they have a Mild one. It took a couple days to find some "fat back" to add to my pork shoulder. While most recipes call for you to add fat to your mixer I'm not sure I needed to. The reason I used a flavor pack it was simple but next time will probably use natural flavors and spices. Couple recipes can be found on here and I watched couple YT videos on the whole process. Had some this AM and it was good! Good luck

  5. Made some of my own today, 3 pounds. Simple reciepe
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  6. Pretty much salt, pepper, brown sugar, Lil bit of liquid smoke, and maple syrup.

    It resting in fridge, hope it turns out ok...I figure start with the basics first then add stuff to it.
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  7. As far as adding fat back I just go to my local butcher and ask for some back fat off a butchered hog. I make a lot of burgers out of pork loin and I add back fat to it to add more fat.
  8. Shawn sure looks good! My next attempt will making Brats from meat left over from pork shoulder. Couple guys to follow on here is Al and Bear both very helpful and Bear has a lot of how to's with step by step. I have used his step by step for Canadian Bacon very helpful.
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  9. Also tried my hand at Apple gouda brats today too...will let you know how they turn out. Made basic Polish sausage reciepe and added apples and gouda cheese.
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    Allot of sausage going on here in this thread!

    Looking good boys!

  11. Those brats look great Shawn trying mine next week!
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    Those brats look great!

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