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  1. Hey guys! (and Gals!)

    A couple weeks ago, I posted in one of @Bearcarver 's threads, how much I liked his process, and simple recipe. So I thought I would let you all in on how I take things from there.

    I won't re post his recipe, its kinda been the benchmark around here, and is easily found. However, make note, I did substitute his sugar with half and half blend of pure maple sugar, and Demerara Best Brown sugar from Rogers Sugar, it isn't grainy just like a brown sugar with more molasses. After weighing and portioning the Morton's TQ and the sugars, its rubbed into the meat.

    I have always had an issue cutting whole cuts and dealing with smaller portions, so using 1 gallon Ziploc bags didn't appeal to me, so what to do? I need a longer narrower food grade bag... Well why not the vac pac rolled bags? Cut off a length, sealed one end. Then lowered the meat into the bag, adding any and all that fell off on my workstation. Then to the vac sealer. I drew out the air, till the plastic was against the meat, and moisture could be seen heading to the vac, and hit the seal button. In my mind this is good, the sugar/salt mixture is pressed against the meat, its all in one piece, and if I am away for a day or two, turning isn't a concern, as the moisture pulled from the meat is always in contact with it.

    Here it is sealed, and the extra plastic, tucked underneath.

    After a couple weeks curing time (was unable to take care of the smoking after 10 days, was actually 15), meat was removed from the bag and rinsed, paper towel dried, and allowed to form a pelicle on racks in the fridge. Then into stockinet's, and hung into the smoker. This is the 35 pound batch of 3 whole loins I used in Bears thread.

    I smoked for 18 hours cold, then an additional 6 with heat till IT hit 150* using my AMNPS and maple pellets. And left in the smoker over night, outside temp was 34*F

     After the smoke.

    And the money shot! Sorry about the poor fluorescent light pictures.

    All in all, this is a very simple process. Painless really, and the results kick ass over store bought back bacon.

    Thanks for your process Bear!!
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  2. Nice job, looks tasty,  [​IMG]

  3. c farmer

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    Wow. Great job.
  4. b-one

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    Looks superb! Someday I need to try this!
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    BB, excellent bacon and great post ! [​IMG]
  6.  Great post. Glad you had a wonderful outcome.

  7. Thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback!!

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