Maple Bacon Asparagus "The good the bad and the awsome"

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  1. As we all know bacon has become something we put on about anything anymore, well maybe not Ice cream yet but Hey, who knows I'm sure someone has tried it...

    Ive read there are allot of asparagus haters out there but I think if we have a chance to convert you this is it!!

    Maple Bacon Asparagus,

    Yep the Good, The Bad, and the Awesome...

     Let me explain.

    Gather a handful of asparagus sprigs and wash them up well, I prefer fresh out of the garden.

    Doesn't matter the length. I don't waste any of it..

    Using MAPLE Flavored Bacon only, spiral wrap the sprig from the top to the bottom if you need to overlap a bit that's fine but cover the sprig completely with the bacon.If you need Two strips that's fine too on a long sprig.

    Next cover the maple bacon with Jeff's Rub. Kind of a medium sprinkle is how my family likes it but, Tastes vary.

    After the sprinkle of rub place the sprig on the grill in the smoker or on a fire pit on a grate.

    Take the bacon to the almost crispy state, then remove and serve hot. ( bacon will crisp up even more as it cools so don't get it super crispy when your cooking it.

    The asparagus should be soft and sweet at this stage.

    I hope you like it, I have never had a complaint before even without using Jeff's Rub, and with the rub, well lets just say that's the Awesome, in the Good for you (asparagus) the Bad for you (Maple bacon) and the Awesome (Jeff's Rub)

    Note* I have used smoked and fresh side before in this recipe but nothing compares to the Maple flavored Bacon, It just doesn't have the same taste at all. Not nearly as good.. That's why I stress the Maple so much..

    Here's pics, so no more whining plz!!

    Fresh cut asparagus.

    And the Maple Bacon.

    Wrapped an rubbed..

    Cooking on the Holland Grill..

    I didn't have time to do this up at home, so I brought a big mess of  Asparagus into work today and took a few pics as I was doing this for the gals and guys here at work, they certainly liked it. I made two grill loads for them, and It didn't last long at all.
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    HG That looks great - good job and looks to be a [​IMG]  in line, Welcome to SMF this place has tons of info will be looking for more of your posts

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