Manzanita wood smoked brisket is GOOOOOD!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by radio, Feb 16, 2014.

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    My best friend in California sent me some Manzanita wood to try in the stick burner and I got around to trying it today  I started the fire with charcoal and added more for heat as the cook progressed and used the Manzanita for flavor.  It made a decent TBS, but I didn't get near the smoke ring I get using Oak.  It has a mild, almost delicate flavor profile that reminded me of Pecan, but still different in a way i can't quite put my finger on.  Makes me wish I had a bunch of it growing near me.  Methinks he should sell medium flat rate boxes of this stuff!

    I took this brisket to 165°, foiled it with about a cup of Apple juice, pulled it out of the smoker at 207° and put it a cooler to rest. A skewer slid in like it was going in warm butter, so I knew it was ready.[​IMG]

    Got carried away doing other things and it stayed in the cooler for about 3 hours. Made some gravy with the drippings, whipped up some mashed taters and had a feast!

    I took the pic after I had sliced most of the point and the wife and I had chowed down. sorry[​IMG]

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    Nice juicy and tender looking brisket! I had to google Manzanita just to make sure you weren't pulling my leg.
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    Manzanita, Arctostaphylos patula, grows all over where I live. However it is illegal to harvest it in Oregon. We have on occasion burned dead Manzanita. It burns extremely hot, and due to its density for a long time. It burns so hot that it is not recommended to be burnt in thin wall stoves. We've cooked over it and the smoke does impart a nice flavor to the meat.
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      Too bad you can't harvest it.  Even Ca will allow you to cut up dead and downed wood.  It does burn hot for sure!  Had trouble keeping the heat down even with the damper closed all the way.  I need to seal the cracks around the FB door better to burn Manzanita

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