Making uniform links of sausage

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by crankybuzzard, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. crankybuzzard

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    I was on the phone with a friend that has just gotten into sausage making and he was complaining that he keeps getting links that are too long or too short.  I told him that his eyes were out of calibration and he needed to use a special tool that my dad showed me many moons ago...

    Yep, a corn on the cob tray is just about right for most of the sausages that I make...  Lay the stuffed sausage into the tray, pinch at each end and flip twist... Repeat as needed...

    I can take action pics this weekend if needed... [​IMG]

  2. woodcutter

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    That's a good idea! How long is it?
  3. Would love to see pics of this method as I have the same problem as your friend!


  4. crankybuzzard

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    It's a it over 8" in length.

    I'll stuff a little sausage this weekend and take some pictures.  Basically, you lay the sausage over the top of the tray, and where the intentions are you pinch off the sausage and then twist.  Just keep repeating until done...


    OOPS!!!  Had 18" when it should be 8"
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    Well, them sausages will fit the bun for sure. When I was teaching my son how to link brats, I had a 1 inch dowel that was 7 inches long and split in half length-wise that I would lay on the counter next to the stuffed sausage. He would use the dowel to measure the link, pinch the casing on either side of the dowel and flip twist the link. Now when we do brats, he just grabs and goes to town twisting the links without having to use the dowel. It turns out that his links are at 7 inches or a little longer.
  6. shannon127

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    My wife is always complaining that my links are too short. 
  7. Nice little cheat if a person has difficulty. Thanks for sharing
  8. I use one of my measuring spoons as a guide. Works great!
  9. africanmeat

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    nice idea ,thanks
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    Bllllaaaawwwwwwhhhhhhhh  My wife says the same thing [​IMG]       [​IMG]

    CB Good Idea

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