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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by mikeserve, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. I'm going to try to smoke some more chicken after my first batch really didn't taste like smoke. I've got a few ideas on how to modify/improve my smoker to get the wood closer to the element so it actually chars and smokes. I stopped by the grocery store earlier today and found split breasts with rib meat as well as whole fryer chickens for $.88 per lb. I didn't get any then because I had to head back to work, but I'll be going back there in approximately 5 minutes when I get off work. I'll take a few pictures during the process and post them when I'm done. Wish me luck.
  2. isutroutbum

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    Good luck! Be sure to give us some que-view when they are done!
  3. reichl

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    Hey where in ames did you see that? I'm just wondering because I just stopped at central hyvee and chicken breasts were way over priced
  4. nater3

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    You're never going to be able to make good smoked chicken wearing that sweatshirt. If you want to make good food you're going to have to get some Hawkeye clothes. Cyclones don't do the smoking. They get smoked!! :) Look forwards to the pictures.
  5. bigsteve

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    Luck? Use the force Mike.

    You'll do fine, go get 'em kid
  6. sumosmoke

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    Way to give it another shot. The mods you're making sound like they might help too. Can't wait to see how they turn out!
  7. I was at the East Hy-Vee on the corner of Duff and Grand. They've still got the rib bones attached and skin, but they were perfect for what I needed.

    OK, so I finished smoking the chicken and it actually tastes smoked!!! I ended up putting a metal pie pan directly on the element and adding a few chips at a time throughout the smoke. It worked pretty well, but I'm still planning on making a modification to the original wood pan so it sits just above the element. I only ended up smoking them for about 1.5 hours but I definitely get a nice and subtle smoke flavor throughout the meat. I let them cook a bit lower than last time, and pulled them when the breasts were at 170 degrees. Here are a few pictures:

    Finished chicken breast with rib rub on the outside

    Chicken that was sprinkled with Cookies seasoning salt/rub

    Nice and juicy
  8. bigsteve

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    Looks great Mike. May the smoke be with you.
  9. reichl

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    looks great man, glad everything worked out for ya
  10. flash

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    Look good to me. What wood were you using. 1 1/2 hours is not a long time. you can always lower your smoking temp, so you can smoke longer. I've got partial to a Pecan/Cherry wood mix for my chicken. I usually finish them on the hot grill though.
  11. nater3

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    For them to get done that fast you are probably smoking them at a pretty high temp. I usually smoke chicken parts at 260 degrees and get really good smoke penetration. I usually use chunks of hickory with chips of apple mixed in.
  12. I was using hickory, but I'll be picking up some applewood chunks tonight to try out. I did smoke them a little high (around 275-300 degrees), but I didn't have a lot of time last night and wanted them to be done fairly quickly. I'm also still trying to get used to the temperature dial on my smoker.

    My wife and I are going to Sam's Club tonight, and I'm planning on picking up a couple pork butts to try out. I've got the day off tomorrow, so I think that would be the perfect time to try cooking a butt. I've read through the sticky on the forum, and I think I'm ready. I'll definitely be cooking the butt low and slow, unlike I've been doing with my chickens.
  13. dasmoker

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    Do yourself a favor and pickup a digital thermometer with a probe and either use a raw potato or a block of wood, and put the probe though that and use that to monitor your smoker temps, much more accurate then the dial therm's that come stock on the smokers. My built in thermometer is about 70 degrees off of what my digital thermometer reports, thats pretty drastic.
  14. speuboy

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    Menards in ankeny has there wood chips on sale right now. They have cherry apple and maple for $1.77 a bag and big bags of hickory for $3.88. I picked up 10bags last night but there is still plenty there. Might wanna check it out.
  15. old poi dog

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    Chicken looks good. I hope you have a successful smoke on the butts. Don't forget to get the digital temp guage.... Post pictures when you can.

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