Making Sausage On the American Thanksgiving

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by palladini, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. Well I had a go at making sausages, not my first go at, but second go after about a 15 year hiatus of not making it.  I was alone in this Adventure, so to say the least, never again, see the story in the video below -

    Sorry I had to post this late Saturday night, I was too pouched on Friday after Thursday's sausage making adventure, I was up until 2 AM Fri morn, that I did not get this video made until about 11 Friday night, then took 2 hours to upload, so I shut the screens off and went to bed.  Then Saturday, we were gone all day, so here it is 12:25 AM Sunday when I post this here.
  2. driedstick

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    Thank you for the video and yes Helpers are always the best !!!! Good luck on the next "lesson learned" LOL
  3. boykjo

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    Looks like a vertical stuffer is in your future... With the right equipment it gets easier. With experience it gets better and better...
    Sausage looks great. Keep on grinding away at it...

  4. reinhard

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    Thanks for the video.  Ya those sheep casings can be tough to use.  There are different sizes of sheep casings and unless you like skinny links i would stick to hog casings.  It is a good idea to flush the casings by running water through them in the kitchen sink and then letting them set in water overnight in the fridge.  Like said before, get yourself a 5 pound vertical stuffer.  They run around $125 or so.  It will make sausage making easier and more fun.  Your sausages looked great.  Reinhard
  5. I think the vertical stuffer would not have made a single bit of difference.  My problem, me and my big fingers, I could not open those casings.  1 1/4 hours trying to get one casing open to put on the stuffer tube.  The stuffer tube was not an issue.  And next time I will not do the turn and burn I did this time, but start soaking all sheep casing about 24 hours before time, next time. 
  6. boykjo

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    Those buggers can be hard to open.. Like you said a good soaking overnight will help a lot.. Try to soften them up changing the water every couple of hrs......
  7. Yes, especially the fact my fingers are not anyway considered small might be good factor also.

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