Making plenty of sausage (update#2)

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by bobdog46, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. I got 3 doe on the ground last week at the end of muzzleloader season in Miss. Got plenty of meat to make alot of sausage. Started with snack stix and will finish with cajun fresh, cajun smoked, & summer sausage. Oh yeah some jerky too.  Will post more pics over the weekend.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  2. africanmeat

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    looks good
  3. rbranstner

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    Mmmm venison sausage!
  4. Lookin good.  [​IMG]   what recipe did you use and how much smoking time?
  5. Congrats on the doe! Now what Ice Daddy said!
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    Looks great bob......... That was some tasty sticks you brought to the SELA......

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    They look very good!

    As the others said, would you care to share the recipe?
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    Bambi gunna taste good!

    Good luck and good smoking.
  9. Okay -  After the snack stix & Jerky- I got the Smoked Cajun sausage done and Stuffed 15 lbs of Summer Sausage that will be finished tonight.  For the snack stix, I use Hi-Mountain products plus I usually add more red pepper to it. For the summer sausage I also use Hi-Mt seasoning then add plenty of jalapeno and cheese added to it. The cajun seasoning I use for regular sausage is purchased from Cannata's meat market in Houma La. This is packaged for 30lbs of meat and has a great flavor. All of my venison sausages are mixed with 30% pork butt roast.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]  
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    Cool bob...............................[​IMG]

  11. Please send sample of sausage:)
  12. Here is the batch of summer sausage - Total so far= 10 lbs smoked cajun sausage - 10 lbs fresh cajun sausage - 5 lbs jerky- 15 lbs summer sausage. I have about 10lbs of meat left and will most likely make breakfast sausage with it.[​IMG][​IMG]
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      Looks great, I like the looks of the stix!  Question on your SS?  You leave in casing until ready to eat?  I made 50lbs last weekend and a guy on another forum said he likes to put it back on the smoke, after the ice bath, and less the casing to put more smoke into it?  I've never heard of that before.
  14. After the ice water bath, I hang at room temp for an hour then put in the fridge overnight. I then cut into about 1 lb chubs and vacuum seal to freezer. I always leave the casing on until its time to eat. 
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      I tried to go back and edit my earlier post, but it was moving so slow I couldn't wait for it to load.  Don't know if that is a forum thing or firewall here at work.  I don't have that problem on any other sites so I have to think it is something with this one.  Anyway, for my question: Why do so many mix pork with their deer?  Is it just for fat? To make more and strtch it out?  I've always done the same thing, but the last batch of summer sausage I made,  I went straight venison and it was great!  All of the doe I took this year had plenty of fat on them so I didn't add the pork.
  16. Some people add as much as 50 % pork - I do mine at 30 %.  Yes, if you don't add some pork the sausage tends to be dry. I have never used deer fat in my sausage because it just doesn't taste right. I trim all of the fat from my deer meat before processing..
  17. tgil

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       I've always heard that about deer, so I've always done the same, until this year.  I can't taste anything different.  I bought some butts before season to add to mine but haven't needed to.  I guess I'll end up trying my hand at making bacon or something with them.

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