Making Lebanon Bolonga

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  1. These are the only pictures that I could salvage from my computer crash. Unfortunatly I lost every thing. I guess I will have to invest in Carbonite. I can tell you that in a large part, the Lebanon Bologna came out fairly accurate . Being that I'am from the lebanon Bologna area, I found taste testers to sample and review my bologna. The verdict was as follows 4 out of 4 people felt there was a lack of smoke in the actual meat portion. This can be understood, as the manufacture of Lebanon Bolonga ages thier stuff for a period of 5 to 7 days. Even though I used Citric acid which should help extend the shelf life, I still only want to smoke for a max of 12 hours. Thus the need for more liquid smoke in the equation. Also 3 out of 4 people thought the bologna could have been a slight bit sweeter, so in my future making, I will add a slight bit more brown sugar, maybe another tablespoon or two per 25lbs. One more thing I will do in the future is to use the full 25lbs of beef chuck, and no pork, as the original Lebanon Bologna uses only 100% beef and beef fats.
    As a Lebanon County born and raised, I can honestly say this is as close to the real thing as you can get.
    Thanks For reading.

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    Well I really like lebanon bolonga and I would like to have the recipe from you when you get it perfected but it does look good so far. Sorry for the lost of your computer.
  3. Again here is the modified recipe

    Home Made Lebanon Bologna
    Hi Folks Here is a relatively easy way to make some homemade Lebanon Bologna.
    Here goes
    25 lbs of chuck or beef neck (whatevers cheapest)
    1 18.5 oz bag of Leggs #116 snack stick seasoning
    1 3oz bag of LEM citric Acid
    1 8oz or 1/2 bag of LEM soy protien (to keep shrinkage down)
    6 to 8 tbs of liquid smoke
    6 to 8 Tbs of Brown sugar

    Cut and grind beef mix Legg's with water and Instacure#1 as per instructions then add liquid smoke and brown sugar. After final grind if one, and right before stuffing, mix the 3oz bag of citric acid into meat. Do Not Grind Citric Acid Into Meat!!!!. Stuff into large casing and heavy smoke with hickory with low heat slowly bringing up to finishing heat (about 150-160 degs internal) Smoke for a minimum of 12 to16 hours. The longer the smoke the better.
    Let sit in fridge overnight, eat and enjoy.
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    sorry to hear about your computer...I've got Carbonite and it saved my butt once already - well worth the $50 or per year

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