Making a brisket this weekend

Discussion in 'Beef' started by paulfalco12, May 23, 2016.

  1. paulfalco12

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    Hey everyone, the plan is to make a brisket and some spare ribs for this weekend. Will be cooking for 8 people. How many LB brisket do you reccomend. This will be my first attempt at a brisket..Thanks!
  2. Howdy Paul.
    If you've only got 8 mouths to worry about then you really won't need that big of a brisket. I did a 13lb packer for 25 people and still had plenty of cold cuts for sammys. I'd say you need no more than a 5lb piece.
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    Your going to loose about half of the weight when trimmed & cooked. So if you want 1/2 lb. portions then you would need about 4 lbs. of cooked brisket. To get that you will need to start out with about an 8 lb. brisket.


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