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Discussion in 'Pork' started by chuck2u, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. chuck2u

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    Anybody out there ever make their own bacon?  I was in the butcher shop the other day when a guy came in and picked up 20 pounds of pork belly.  Now that I've just purchased a smoker, I'd like to try it.


  2. bearcarver

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    I don't want to sound rude, but there are a lot of guys on this forum who make outstanding Bacon, and we would all be glad to help you (see two different Bacon step by steps in my signature below).

    However since you just got your smoker, I would recommend you first get familiar with your smoker, smoke a few regular smokes first (Ribs, Butts, Chuckies, Briskets, etc), then study curing Pork Bellies & smoking Bacon.

    Then we will give you all the help you need!!  I promise!!!

    You will be much better off, in my opinion.

    Once you do learn to make Bacon, you will never go back to store bought.

    Welcome to SMF----A lot of Great people here!!!

    You also might want to go to "Roll Call" and introduce yourself, so we can All welcome you properly.

  3. smokinal

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    [​IMG]    Glad to have you with us!
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  5. meateater

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    Welcome to the SMF. Glad to have you here. Lots of good folks, great recipes and knowledge. Looking forward to  your first qview. [​IMG]
  6. meateater

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    I agree with Bear and get a few smokes under your belt first. Home made bacon is 10 times better than store bought anyday. 
  7. boykjo

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