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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by pakak, May 30, 2010.

  1. I bought an "Old Country" smoker as a new hobby.  I was trying to maintain 225 degrees like most recipes called for.  I was only able to maintain 275 degrees.  My intake was only open by 1/2 inch.  I thought if I closed it more I would put out the fire.  How can I achieve the 225 degree temperature?  Any suggestions you have are welcome. 
  2. First off, Welcome to SMF!! If you could, head over to the Roll Call Thread and introduce yourself, it's a way for everyone to get a chance see who you are and say Hello!! Now I'm not familiar with your kind of smoker, but on my Char-Griller Smokin' Pro I only haev to have my inlet open a 1/4" or less and I get temps at or above 225. When you make a change to one of your vents you need to wait at least 10 minutes to notice a difference. I'm suer someone else will chime in that is familiar with your setup and be able to help.
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    First off..welcome to SMF and head over to roll call and tell us a little about your self...[​IMG]

    I'm not familiar with that smoker but if you can't get it below 275 the the fire is getting enough oxygen to burn that hot. I would continue to close the intake it may be leaking from somewhere and allowing enough to burn. I had that problem on my SNP until I did some MODS on it. 

    Hope this helps
  4. Thanks yall.    I will try just leaving it barely open if not closed it is not like it is air tight fire box. 
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    This could be the problem. I have my CG intake 98% closed, just a tiny sliver open and lately I have been about 35* higher than I'd like to be @ grate level. And to boot it has been terribly windy the past 3 days, which doesn't help either, in an non-air tight grill. 
  6. can i start it out like that from the get go barely open r closed?
  7. and one more thing yall keep talking about mods on yall smokers what kind of mods are yall doing to improve ur smokers
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    Like adding a charcoal basket, extending the chimney down to grate level, etc. 

    Any pictures of your cooker?

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