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Discussion in 'Grilling Tips' started by dallas, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. dallas

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    Need help with maintaining temp. I have a Okalahoma joe 20" tryin to keep the temp @ 200 has not been easy @ all.

    Just placed an order for a charcoal basket i hope this will help out, also will it help if i raise the charcoal basket closer to the opining,

    plz HELP......
  2. Hey dallas, there are days like that when the temps just won't steady out.... maybe if you give us a little more info we'll be able to help out.  Couple questions for you since I only know a bit about your smoker.

    1. Are you running all wood, charcoal and wood, or charcoal and chunks?

    2. Are you having trouble keeping temps down or up?

    3. Are you sure your thermo is accurate?

    4. Does your smoker have any type of baffle between the fire box and smoking chamber?

    5. Does your smoker have tuning plates?

    6. How are you trying to control temps?

    As for the charcoal basket, they definitely make life easier and yes you will want air space below the basket but if you don't have a baffle between the fire box and smoker chamber and you plan to raise the charcoal basket, you'll definitely want to look into fab'g a baffle.

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  3. dallas

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    Graystratcat, I'm new to all of this,  Yes I'm running charcoal and wood. I'm having trouble keeping the temps up.

     I'm also using a thermo inside chamber. I'm not sure as to a baffle between the fire box and smoking chamber. could you plz expand in more detail. I have been waiting on tuning plate for over two weeks.
  4. Do you have some pics?
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    Welcome to SMF Dallas.

    Do us a favor & update your profile to include your location, then head over to roll call & introduce yourself so we can all welcome you to SMF. Thanks!

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