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  1. I recently purchased a AMNPS. I did a cold smoke with it the other day and it worked perfect. Today I tried to do a hot smoke with the unit. After getting the pellets burning, with a good embers burning I placed it in the smoker. After about ten minutes it was extinguished.

    Did the heat used today starve the unit for oxygen? The smoker is a cheap Charbroil with gas burner. I had the top vent completely opened and the door doesn't seem to have a great seal to it to begin with.

    I am thinking I may need to try the mailbox mod in order to use the AMNPS for future hot smokes. If this is the case how big of a pipe do I need to run from the mailbox and into the smoker? Also do those of you with the experience believe this will alleviate future problems?

    Thanks for any replies
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    I wouldn't think the heat did it. I would think it should work good in that grill without a mod. I think you should try to get it lit even better before putting it in. I know you think it was lit plenty good, but everybody thinks that in the beginning. Just try keeping on blowing the fire into the bottom of the unburned pellets.

    Unless you're using Cherry pellets. If that's the case, mix them with something else that burns good, like Hickory.

  3. Bearcarver,

    Thank you for the fast response. I lit some pellets again and let it go like a "cold smoke" and everything went great. I will try again this coming weekend and I will make sure I really get it going in the beginning stages. I will report back on how it works.

    Thanks again
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    Here's a guy who really gets his going, even better than I do.

    Check out the video:

  5. Bear,

    I did another smoke today and made sure to get the pellets burning good before closing up the smoker. Everything worked out just fine.

    Thanks for the help
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    Late to the party and it looks like all is good. But let's say you want to do a cold smoke. My mail box has a 3" duct. I use the AMNTS in mine.

    Connected to my Mini-WSM. This is also how I connect it to my UDS. To my GOSM it connects direct to one of my side vents.

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