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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by azbullfrog, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. azbullfrog

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    I am getting ready to mod my MES30 for Todd's AMNPS. HERE's the plan:

    Remove grease box from bottom.
    Replace with flat mailbox with 2" spacers.
    Cut 3" hole in mailbox to match up with same in bottom of smoker.
    Mailbox is 10 1/2" by 8" by 3 7/8".
    Campbells soup can is 3".
    Fit can between the two openings.
    Fit rectangular open-ended tent over can opening in smoker under heat element.
    I figure mailbox lid will be adjustable damper.

    Top vent:

    Cut hole in top or back of smoker and install vent hood with damper, figure I can control flow from bottom and top.

    Remove water and chip bowls and rack, replace with a new drip pan.

    I'll try to post pics of planned materials.

    Thanks ahead for ideas!


  2. azbullfrog

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    2nd Pic
  3. azbullfrog

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    Last Pic
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  5. daveomak

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    AZ, morning...    If I read your plan correctly, you plan on the MB mod to go under the smoke and have the smoke rise through the area where the burner is....  If that is true, the flame from the burner will consume the smoke and there will be no smoke....  In a flame heat source, the smoke needs to enter the smoker above the flame....   as far as exhaust goes, 3-4 1" holes drilled in the sides, near the top will do...  no need for the duct hood unless you want it...  when drilling the holes, a step drill is recommended... nice clean holes...    Dave

    I think I screwed up.... Is that an electric smoker....  Why yes I do believe it is....   Forget the part about the flame...    Dave
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  6. Your idea just gave me an idea for my MES 40 (2nd gen). Instead of keeping the AMNS inside the smoker, why not make a small side firebox that would hold it and pipe it to the chip tray loader? No mod of the MES would be necessary. It would just be an accessory. No drippings could hit the AMNS. No steam could reach it either. It could eliminate the heat factor for cold smokes as well. Thoughts?

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  7. daveomak

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    Here is what I did..... others have similar mods.....   works very well.......  Dave

  8. Nice! I was thinking of just mounting to the side but yours keeps the heat of the AMNS even further from the smoke chamber. Did you find that you needed more venting in your MES than stock? I was considering adding a dampered chimney to the top if it needed it.

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  9. daveomak

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    No extra venting...  but on occasion, depending on the temp, I need to warm the smoker to get a draft started then all works fine...   The vent flex hose is long because that is the way everything fit where I had the smoker setting....  The exhaust is standard......   Dave
  10. Very cool! I am going to work on something similar, today. I kind of have an idea but, need to go to Home Depot and Lowes to do some more brainstorming.

    Edit: Actually, I am gonna do exactly what you have here. The shelf and everything are perfect. I'm just going to add an exhaust chimney with a damper and have it flow out the window of my garage.
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  11. wes w

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    Dave,  I'm trying to come up with an idea to cold smoke in my smoker.    I'm thinking of putting a plywood insert in one of my door openings and having an outside source for smoke.   The mailbox.  Do you put your fire and chip(wood) in it for the smoke?  Maybe I'm over thinking the process.    I'm looking for an old potbelly stove to set up outside to use as a cold smoker.  Our just build an outside pit and pipe it into a door.   I'm smoking my bacon next week-end.   Looking for ideas.   Thanks
  12. daveomak

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    Wes, Do you have the AMNPS ??  Get 1 and light both ends.... leave all the doors etc closed... there should be enough air leakage from the clean outs etc....    In my experience... trying to cold smoke with a fire is like trying to snow ski in Florida...  Unless you are smoking in a barn sized building, it is hard to get rid of the heat....  You could use a small propane burner like on the side table of a BBQ... heat chunks for smoke...  
  13. wes w

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    I see what your getting at now.   I think your brain farts are catching.  :)    Now I feel stupid......   I've never thought of using something like that.   [​IMG]    I've got some hickory lumber I can run through the planer  for some shavings.  Thanks for the advice Dave.  

    Yeah,  I struggle to keep temp down to 150 smoking sausage.    Haha, when I smoked my kalanosy I even put snow in the water to help keep it cooled down.  

    Thanks again Dave
  14. dwaytkus

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    It looks like you have the MES analog like me. What did you end up doing?

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