Maiden voyage of the "SS cooks some meat!" with Fathers day Q-view

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  1. It was the first smoke in my newly acquired Smokin' Pro that was a anniversary/fathers day present.  It being considerably bigger than my Char Broil American deluxe was kind of intimidating, Plus I've only ever done ribs before, and the occasional batch of ABT's, so today would be my first go at chicken drums.  I extended the chimney down to almost grate level and made a quick baffle out of a tin pan to see how that would work.  Rubbed the Ribs down.[​IMG]

    Got the charcoal going[​IMG]

    Brine for the drums[​IMG]

    Ribs and drums on the smoker, the ribs had been on for about 2 1/2 hours before the drums got tossed on. I had a hard time keeping the temp up on the smoker, so after about 45 minutes I got rid of the makeshift baffle, the heat rose quickly after that.  Every time I opened it I moved the thermo around to get a idea of where the cold and hot spots are.


    Ribs and drums were done with the same rub.[​IMG]

    Down the home stretch[​IMG]



    Chicken drums


    My dad and my son after a delicious meal.


    During the first 45 minutes when I was stilling trying to get the temp up the ribs took a little beating, and that lead to them being cooked but not as juicy and moist as I have had in the past, but definately edible and better than just about any other ribs i've had.

    The drums were unreal good, I was reading early about brine or not to brine and I brined and I can't see any reason not to after how good those tasted.  Still concerned with even temps and trying to get the baffle to work, the pan I used might have been a bit to big, but next time i'm going to try the suggestion of using fire bricks at the chimney side to help keep temps up further down the line.  Thanks for looking and have a great day!
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    looks good to me
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    Great job Kent,

    Brining is the way to go.

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    Great job!  [​IMG]

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