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  1. Don't know if this is the right section but I put it here because it has some nuts in it... I made up some smoked snack mix to have with Christmas dinner yesterday. If anyone is interested in the recipe I will be happy to post it - I just don't have it handy right now...

    This is with the initial dry snacks & nuts being mixed up

    Couple pics after I dumped the liquid & spice mixture on

    Whole smoker full of the mix  [​IMG]   I used oak in the AMNPS.

    I made a couple bags extra spicy for me - I added some of my ground habanero, cherry bomb & Hungarian wax pepper to it  [​IMG]

    Shot of the regular mix in a bag...

    It turned out pretty good - everyone liked it.  I will be making this again.
  2. I'd love the recipe for your spicy version!
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    If possible I'd like the recipe.
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    Meeee Tooooo!  Pretty Please!
  5. No problem - I came up with this based on several other recipes I had read. Here is the basic mix

    1 1/2       boxes Crispix (12.8oz box)

    1/2          can potato stix (15oz can)

    3/4          bag small pretzels (14oz bag)

    1/2          box Cheerios (14oz box)

    1             bag corn chips (12oz bag)

    8oz         sliced almonds

    1lb          walnuts

    4             tsp celery seed

    2 1/2       Tbspn garlic powder

    2 1/2       Tbspn onion powder

    3             Tbspn rub (use your favorite meat rub - store bought or homemade)

    2             Tbspn cajun seasoning

    10           Tbspn worcestershire sauce (1/2 cup + 2 Tbspn)

    3             sticks butter

    Optional - If you want it saltier add 1 1/2 Tbspns fine popcorn salt

    Mix all your snacks up well. Melt the butter & add the worcestershire sauce & spices. Mix it all up really good & give it an old fashioned taste test. If it suits your taste great - if not make small adjustments till it does...

    Once the spice mixture is ready pour it a little at a time over the snacks stirring them well so that everything gets a thin coating of the spice mixture.

    Now to make the extra spicy version like I like  [​IMG]

    I grow my own hot peppers & take a lot of them to dry out. I quarter them up & dry them in a dehydrator. I then grind them up in a mortar & pestle.

    I turn it into a nice powder

    To make the extra spicy I mixed 1 Tbspn each of habanero, Hungarian wax & roasted cherry bomb (the red pepper flakes at pizza shops) I sprinkled the mix on gradually to 1/4 the snack mixture stirring well to get even coverage.

    I smoked everything with oak for 2 hours with the smoker set at 250* stirring well every 15 minutes & in my opinion the snack mix turned out great  [​IMG]
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  6. I just realized I should probably add this disclaimer...

    WARNING!!!!  To anyone who decides to make the spicy version of this, please bear in mind that when I

                                             make  something hot & spicy I make it HOT & SPICY!!!

                                                My spicy version of this is NOT FOR THE TIMID - it is extremely good but EXTREMELY HOT!!!

                                                If you do not like things HOT use considerably less hot pepper mix or omit the habanero

                                                I will not be held liable for watery eyes, running noses, clear sinuses, uncontrolled chugging of

                                                milk, outright crying etc...

                                               Proceed with caution!

           You Have Been Warned!

    For anyone who chooses to proceed with the spicy recipe - enjoy a very good snack! [​IMG]
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  7. If anyone does happen to make any of either type of snack mix please let me know what you think of it - Good, bad or neutral...
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    Thank you, I appreciate it :)
  9. You're quite welcome - hope you enjoy it!
  10. [​IMG]
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    That looks delicious! Your warning made me laugh. Thanks for the recipe I will make some of it.
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    The Thread got bumped and im glad.. it looks great. Ill take some the HOT please.:devil: Reading this on my phone the above post "scared me" wasnt ready for alll this size changr and what not this early! ..

    Anyways. . Will try this version. . Im sure its good if its from the B!:yahoo:
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    Too hot for me
  14. You're quite welcome.
    You can make the regular version without all the heat - it's not hot.  [​IMG]
  15. Thanks Mikey  [​IMG]    Didn't mean to scare ya & it is a really good snack - especially when  [​IMG]    [​IMG]    [​IMG]

    [​IMG]     [​IMG]

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