Made a Simple Firebox Clean-Out Tool

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by ski-freak, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. To make the Clean-Out Blade I just held a piece of scrap 16 Gauge steel up to the side of my offset side firebox and traced its curved radius onto the steel with a Sharpie felt tip pen - then I cut the steel with a benchtop open throat hand shear. I hammered it flat and filed the edges smooth.

    The handle was a 32" length of 5/16" diameter steel rod held in a vise, heated to red hot with a small torch, and bent in half with pliers while it was still soft. I held the two pieces together with a couple of magnetic welding holders, and welded the handle in place on the blade, and then spray painted it black. It will hang on the side of my smoker/grill with S-Hook.

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    SF, morning.....   That should do a fine job....  [​IMG]....  Dave
  3. Thanks Dave, I thought it would be a practical use of a dollar of scrap steel from other projects.
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    I'm wondering if I need to take a course in metallurgy.. lol
  5. Easy and Fun to make this sort of stuff Cman, and fix most anything around the house/farm! I never learned how to weld growing up and decided I needed to teach myself. I bought a small 120V MIG welder (wire feed with a gas bottle), and picked up an introductory video and then watched some videos on

    The best way to learn is to just start welding! A sawz-all with a hacksaw blade, an angle grinder, some sort of work table, and a hand shear are all you really need to get going. Later you can add a bending brake, an anvil, and a bench mounted hand shear. 
  6. This is one of the pest threads I have seen on convection plates and coal baskets.I will try to find some one to make them for me.I have copied the pics and specs.Hope you guys don't mind.Any ideas on where i can go to have these made.I mean the kind of shop.

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