Lump in your WSM?

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by caveman, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. Does anyone use Lump in their WSM? I know the manual says not to but I was wondering if someone else tried it & found no adverse reactions yet.
  2. A lot of folks use lump in the WSM. I do on occasion but prefer the steadier temps I get with Stumps briquettes.

    I bought an extra charcoal grate for using lump. You use it in a cross hatch pattern it conjunction with the stock grate. It holds the lump in place better not allowing it to fall through to the bottom.
  3. Thank you for the response sir.
  4. mgnorcal

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    I use only lump, but I also do shorter hotter cooks.
    For overnighters, a quality natural briquette would be good.

    I notice a big difference between charcoal types with the WSM.
    The airflow through the smoker is pretty small so any odors get bottled up with your food more so than other smokers.
    I had some kinds of mesquite lump that were so strong in the WSM I didn't add any smoke wood at all.

    The warning/disclaimer might have to do with the fact that lump can get hotter.
  5. chisoxjim

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    pretty much always use lump, long smokes, short smokes, whatever. I think i burns cleaner/better.

    I dont think i ever read the WSM manual, I got a copy of the book Low and Slow and that was all I needed.
  6. I'm with Chisoxjim on this one. Lump only in any of my cookers. The briquettes,IMHO, give off a funny smell natural or not. Get plenty long enough cooks in the WSM and drums.
  7. smokebuzz

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    All my smoker eat the same thing, get started with a little lump then all wood from there.
  8. I've cooked with royal oak lump and with Stumps briquettes. Myself or anyone else has not been able to tell the difference.
  9. I'd like to revive this thread:

    I'm accustomed to using an electric smoker.  I just bought a ProQ smoker, which is very similar to the WSM.  I have not received it yet, but have started to wonder how I actually smoke with wood.  Obviously, the charcoal provides the heat, but I don't recall seeing a basket or a section to put wood for smoke.  Do you guys just mix it in with the charcoal briquettes or use a pan on top of the heat?  I have to assume chunks and not chips are best in this type of smoker.
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