Lumberjack pellets

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  1. Has anyone used Lumberjack pellets? I was told they are cleaner than traeger pellets. Any info would be much appreciated.
  2. I use them for smoking bacon in a tube smoker. I like the taste and color and for $ 5.50 for 20 lbs I've got a hundred pounds here.

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    Vegas, where are you getting LJ pellets that cheap?...JJ
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    Yes please do tell. That's an awesome price for any pellet.
  5. I got mine a while back at a grocery chain called Winco
  6. I use lumberjack exclusively.  I spent some time researching different pellets and talking to several manufacturers.  The universal complaint with pellets is that you don't get as much smoke flavor was with logs.  It turns out that the bark generates most of the flavor of different woods.  Lumberjack grinds in all the bark and core wood.  Some other manufacturers use core wood that has been stripped of the bark.

    There is still not as much flavor as a stick burner, but it is better than most of the brands out there.  I have not compared ash residue.  There is some, but not much.  I recently did a 19 hour smoke of a brisket on my Memphis and had less than a half inch of ash reside in the bottom of the burn pot, after almost emptying both large hoppers of pellets.  I can get 20 and 40 lb bags off Amazon so it is convenient for me.
  7. Thank you for the info folks.  I think I will stick with LJ pellets from here on out.

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