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  1. I need some lubricant for my slicer, grinder, cuber and stuffer.  What type lubricant do I need and how often do you lubricate these pieces of equipment?

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    Chef Jimmy recommends mineral oil and I agree.  Cheap, effective and readily available.
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    Other than the obvious mail order, if you have a Cabela's, Bass Pro or Academy Sports nearby, they normally stock the LEM food grade silicone spray referred to above.  Another option is see if your local butcher or grocery store will sell you some as they usually buy in bulk or check a restaurant supply store if you live in or near a large city.

    The spray work and they also have food grade lubricants that are more grease like.  I have been using the LEM spray and mineral oil (oil the grinder plates after cleaning before putting them back in a zip lock)
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    I store dry and covered. I lube before use. Lube will attract dust. If you lube then store I suggest you cover tightly with some saran wrap to keep dust off or wash and relube before use..... Its a matter of preference I guess
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    I used this stuff on my meat slicer, grinder and stuffer........   I also have applied it to my pressure cooker gaskets, seals and locking lugs....  WOW, the pressure cookers work EASY when opening and closing now.....   amazing stuff.......  Amazon......

    McGlaughlin Oil Company Petrol-Gel Lubricant, 4 oz Tube Petrol Gel is the number 1 sanitary lubricant used in the dairy industry and soft serve machines. The lubricant is made with an odorless, tasteless, high viscosity index paraffinic base oil. 4 oz tube Impervious to water FDA approved Operating temperature is between 0 degrees and 185 degrees Extend equipment life and cut maintenance costs NSF approved 308525
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