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    I purchased a MES30 smoker from Lowes last week.  I believe it's a Gen 2.  My first smoke was a whole spatchcocked chicken and second was brisket.  The temperature seemed to be run about 15 degrees higher during the chicken smoke (set at 275) and then 15 degrees lower during the brisket smoke (set at 225).  The  other difference between the two cooks was that I had water in the water pan for the brisket. Could this explain the temp difference or do I have a malfunctioning unit?  I am really paranoid after reading all of the reviews on the Gen II units.

    Also, does anyone know how many racks of spareribs the 30" will hold?  I realize I will need to cut them in half to get them to fit.  I may decide to exchange the 30" for the 40" at Lowes for the rare occasion where I will have to cook for a party.  However, I have heard that there are even more issues with the 40" Gen 2 units, right? 

    Edit:  I used a ThermoWorks thermometer to check temps.
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  2. Personally I think you are making yourself crazy thinking about the temperature in the box. You are going to get swings....up and down. You are trying to smoke the food to a certain internal temperature so pay no mind to the smoker temp. I set mine at the approx temp I want then watch the food for the IT I want....then I take the food out.

    So in short....stop killing yourself over smoker temp and enjoy the food u make.

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    Agreed I have the same unit and I love it. If you use an amnps you will love it more! I just cooked 2 racks of spare ribs 2 of beef ribs , a chucky, and 2 butts at one time. You hear horror stories on every different smoker, don't worry. Load it up and smoke away. Mine is going to smoke a 13.5 lb brisket this weekend
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    i also have mes30,really had no issues,the temp will fluctuate some which like you in the beginning it drove me alittle nuts,now it doesn't bother me.the water will lower temp. some. i also got a amnps about a month ago,it makes it much easier when you don't have to check every 1/2 hour to make sure the chips are good.now i fill up the amnps and go about my day.
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    Do you have the 30" or the 40"?
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    I have a mes 40 (gen 2) and with the AMNPS and mailbox mod it's as hands free as you can get. Set it and forget it. The 40 will do 8 racks of ribs at a time (not sure about the 30).
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    You don't have to cut your ribs.

    Circling is also acceptable. This way you can get two to a grate. But you must watch the length of the bones sticking up.

    The above is my MES30, if you have not burnt yours in, I highly recommend a MES40 over a MES30. Ribs fit, briskets fit, etc..... It doesn't seem like much but the MES40 is really the best size all around.
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  8. I have the MES 30 from Lowe's and I love it, the only drawback I see is the constant loading of chips, so I bought the cold smoke attachment, going to attach it tomorrow and see how it does. I have talked with the people at masterbuilt, and they tell me that there is a new controller coming out the end of this month (june) as they are aware of the temp problems that most people have (including me), 270(set) is actually 240 measured, same with the meat probe meat as indicated on the MES meat probe 190 degrees is actually 160 degrees + - 2 degrees. Overall the temp swings I get are really small as long as you leave the door closed all the time, and don't overload the chip loader.
  9. dvuong

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    Hmmm, I wonder how we can get our hands on a new controller.  
  10. forest walker

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    My thoughts exactly, just called masterbuilt to find out and they are closed until Monday

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