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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by magnum3672, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. I have about 200 dollars in lowe's gift cards and since all my home projects are done I was thinking about getting a beefier Smoker!

    Any suggestions for which one? The Masterbuilt 30" caught my eye because it had decent reviews one lowe's website however when I went to the store to try and order it they said there are no more in the company.  So does anyone know anything about that or have a better suggestion for smoker?

    Thanks guys, you're always so helpful
  2. I guess no one knows anything or I picked a winner?
  3. alblancher

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    Just to many questions.   Are you dead set on Lowes so you can use your gift cards?  Hard to imagine that Lowes has no Masterbuilt electric smokers.   Are you dead set on electric.   How much more are you willing to spend.  
  4. werdwolf

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    Your correct they don't have them, checked the local store and online to no avail.  I would just guess if you sit tight they will eventually come in, but what do I know?

    Good luck
  5. Yeah, there was that one and the 30" that I was looking at. And it has to be lowes because of the gift cards.  I can't rationalize dropping 200 bucks on a new smoker when I already have a red bullet model and 200 bucks of free gift cards for lowes.

    I guess I'll just sit tight then
  6. mneeley490

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  7. frosty

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    I know they will deliver an online product to your local Lowe's and you can pick it up there.  I have gone that route before, but not on a smoker.

    Anosther thought is to sell the Lowe's cards to some of the online sources to change the cards into cash and use that cash for a different retailer.  Just a thought.

    Good luck either way.
  8. I don't know about you, but if I actually try to add it to my cart and checkout, it indicates that's it's not available under any delivery method.  Magnum, in your situation, if you're happy w/ the red bullet, I would wait for something else I needed at Lowe's to use the cards on.  If you're not satisfied, I would check out the Master Forge, provided there was a good return policy. 
  9. mneeley490

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    So it does. Nice. Chalk that up for one more reason why I don't shop at Lowe's. Sorry, man.
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  10. I went in yesterday to ask about it and they said there weren't any left in the company.  Such an odd predicament.
  11. alblancher

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    You would think that with summer still a bit away they sure would have more coming in.  Are then moving to a different model or manufacturer?
  12. The people at the store didn't know, they said it was one or the other.  Hopefully it happens soon cuz I'm sick of waiting for a new toy
  13. alblancher

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    You are buying equipment.  Not a toy.  Are your oven or kitchen knives toys?  This is serious stuff.
  14. Lowes really sucks lately, there have been several things, even common things, that I haven't been able to order from them recently.

  15. mneeley490

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    I lump Lowes and Home Depot together as basically useless.  The minimum-wage slaves that work there never know anything, and sometimes run the other way when they see you coming. It seems I walk out of either one emptyhanded about 4 out of 5 trips. The only thing they're good for is a sale on Kingsford a few times a year.

    Most of the hardware I bought for my fridge build came from ACE. They really go out of their way to help.
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  16. Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of Home Depot or Lowes as companies but the ones around me do a good job with hiring and the people are generally helpful. Although I like lowes a bit more because I've had fewer issues there.  I also only really go there for a few small parts (I do a lot of minor hardware repairs and soldering) or for the occasional grill part because the ACE stores around me are extremely small and I get lost.  I don't know how I get lost it just seems to me that the store is laid out kinda dumb.  Same with O'Reilly's, I went in there asking about some sound proofing undercoat paint and they looked at me like I was crazy, I then went across the street to advance auto and they handed me 3 options with no strange looks or questions and in fact the GIRL gave me good advice about application.

    TL;DR I don't like shopping.
  17. Well, turns out they were hiding them.  I went with my girlfriend to look at grills and the person behind the counter must be a bit more tech savvy because she found me a 33" Masterforge Electric at another store.  I was like 25 miles from my house but hey, I got it for free!

    Thanks for your help guys
  18. mneeley490

    mneeley490 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Glad it finally worked out for you. Let us know how you like your Masterforge.

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