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  1. I ordered a 5 rib from BJ's Club and was really ticked to see that they gave me "select", instead of "choice". They also charged $7 a pound. Some wholesale club. I can buy "select" all over town for $7 a pound. Apparently, they now only give "choice" if it's boneless. Oh, well, anyhow, I had to cut it in two, as it was way too much for us at one sitting.:biggrin: More Qview to follow, as I plan to pull it at about 130 and reverse sear after....stand by. Can't wait! :yahoo:

    Just out after 4 hour smoke.

    This is after a 500 degree oven sear for 7 minutes.

    And here's some of what made it to the table.
    I was really happy the way this turned out. I used worcestershire sauce topped with Montreal seasoning. Notice no gray edges as I watched temps really close. The only disappointment I had was in the flavor of the select vs. choice meat. I'll make sure that doesn't happen again. All in all, I'm a happy smoker.
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    Looks good.
  3. seenred

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    Delicious looking PR, Fred!  Very nicely done!

  4. Thanks Bill, Red,
    I forgot to mention about that roast, according to the label, that the cow was "born in Canada, raised in Mexico and harvested in Massachusetts". That beef was passed around more than Pamela Anderson at a stag party.
    . :huh:
    All in all, I'm still pleased with our whole day.
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    Hah!  That cow racked up some serious frequent flyer miles!  No wonder beef is so expensive!


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